How a Commercial Cleaning Company Works


There are several reasons why you should keep your business clean, not only will it be a better environment to work in, but it will make a better impression on your customers. So should you be interested in maintaining an orderly business, then follow a few of the tips offered by our commercial cleaning company.


Disinfect and bleach all your restrooms. Not only will this be necessary for a clean company, but for the safety of your customers and employees. Restrooms are areas which receive a high amount of traffic, which means they have to be cleaned on a daily basis. Make sure to scrub the toilet bowls with disinfectant and a toilet brush. Wipe down the seat, the lid, not forgetting the exterior of the bowl, tank and the base of the toilet. Try using a few deodorizing cakes in the toilet bowl to maintain freshness between each cleaning.


Protect all your electrical devices by ensuring they are kept clean and dust free. Try a duster to remove dust from tight spaces such as a keyboard, fans, and vents. Wipe down all the electronics using a soft damp rag and disinfectant spray. Clean your break room. This room is extremely important, as food will be eaten and prepared there. So having a clean break room will be good for your employee’s morale. Also, ensure your refrigerator is kept clean and tidy. Any old food should be thrown away after a week, and then the interior of the fridge should be wiped down with disinfectant.


Spray all countertops, tables, chairs, sinks, and shelves with disinfectant and wipe down. Remember to clean inside the microwave with disinfectant too. This should be included in your daily office cleaning chores, as food messes left in the microwave will harden and be extremely difficult to clean. Should you have a dish drainer, make sure this is cleaned also to prevent mildew. Wash any hand and dish towels daily too, and replace dish sponges as and when required.


Should any of the above sound too tiring for you and your employees, then you need to hire a professional commercial cleaning company, call Faulkner Commercial Cleaning, LLC at (910) 294-8325 today. We are in Lumberton, NC.