What Are the Different Types of Chemicals Used by an Office Cleaning Contractor

Any homeowner and office cleaning contractor regularly use chemicals. Depending on what ingredients the chemicals contain, they could be extremely toxic. Most people choose to use safer cleaning materials, especially when they have children or pets, thus minimizing the risk of exposure. These chemicals can come under one of seven categories. These are strong, heavy-duty, mild alkali, strong and mild acids, solvents, and detergents and soaps.

A cleaner that comes under the strong alkali category will kill microbes and dissolves proteins. Cleaning products like oven cleaners, lye, and drain cleaners are all this type. They are extremely corrosive and can cause chemical burns when splashed on the skin. Products which contain sodium hydroxide come under this category too.

Heavy-duty alkalis contain sodium carbonate. This kind of cleaning product removes fat from drains, pans, and greasy burners. Sodium carbonate is the main ingredient for washing soda and powdered detergents. This kind of cleaner is only slightly corrosive, as it burns the skin and will corrode any aluminum products.

Cleaning chemicals which are in the mild alkali category contain sodium bicarbonate, which is also referred to as baking soda. These products are used on things which only need a mild cleaning. Mild alkalis can be used around pets and children, as they are not corrosive.

Strong acid cleaners are generally used to clean sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. They can remove hard water deposits, soap scum, and toilet rings. Strong acids are extremely corrosive, more so on metal, fabric, and concrete. Cleaners which contain phosphoric and hydrofluoric acids are said to be strong acids.

Mild acids contain citric, gluconic, levulinic, and hydroxy acetic acids. They are used to remove hard water deposits, rust stains, and tarnish. Mild acid cleansers that are made using citrus or acetic acids are safe to use around pets and children.

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